A Modern Secure Tech Stack

Leveraging the power of industry leading, cutting edge technology to deliver the most performant secure application.

Angular 11+

Angular is an open-source front-end framework developed by Google for creating dynamic modern web apps and SPAs.

.Net 5+

.Net Core 5 is an open source api framework for systems that need the best possible performance and scalability.

Logo Html5


Built in HTML5 for Ultimate Compatibility.

Logo Css3


Built with CSS3 for Styles that work on every device.

Typescript 4+

For better Js code, less errors and increased code security.

Postgres 9+

Secure and performant relational Database for the best data storage and protection.

Uncompromising Built-In Security Features

Nesos has been developed from the ground up with security and its privacy at its core, following the latest standards and in places going even beyond.

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SSL/TLS Encryption

All communication to and from Nesos in encrypted to avoid interception and secure all the data inputs and outputs.

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Microsoft Authentication

Authentication backed by Microsoft to ensure secure access to Nesos and its features.

Client/Server Authentication

Layered authentication control by both the client and the server to ensure not intromissions.

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Role Based Authorization

Fully customisable role based permission and authorization that ensures only relevant data is accessible by your users.

Secure Password

Secure password following the latest standards that are salted and hashed for safe storage.

Custom code based account and email verification

We utilise a custom security code uniquely generated to verify a user's registration and ensure that the accounts are real.

Database Encryption

We encrypt all the data stored in our databases to secure it from leaks and possible attacks.

Token Expiry Control

Continuous sessions authentication and renewal to ensure that no interference has happened with the access tokens. It also allow us to promptly remove unothorised users from the application.

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Request Logging & Tracing

Every action that happens on Nesos is logged and traceable for easy debugging and maximum accountability.

The Best and Most Secure IT infrastructure in the Business

By deploying our systems on Azure Cloud, protecting it with Front Door and by taking advantage of the inherent security of the Linux Cloud we built an It infrastructure for the ages.

Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud Security is backed by a team of experts, and proactive comprehensive compliance trusted by enterprises, governments, and start-ups Azure leads the industry with more than 90 compliance offerings.

Azure Front Door

Azure Front Door is Microsoft’s modern cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) that provides fast, reliable, and secure access between your users and your applications’ static and dynamic web content across the globe.

Logo Tux

Linux Cloud

Linux is a natural technology for enabling cloud computing as it's modular, power efficient, reliable, open source, scales to support critical workloads and is ubiquitous.

Security Built In

A cloud infrastructure built on layered protection to fend off any attackers.


Fully Fledged Firewall

We limit and monitor access to our services via firewall.

Git Network


All services are deployed in a secured VLAN making all internal communication private.


IP Restriction

We have the ability to restrict access to our services based on specific IPs as per clients' indication.


MAC Address Binding

We can also further restrict access to our services based on the unique MAC address of authorised devices for increased security.


Fully Scalable

Nesos can be deployed anywhere in the world and be scaled ad infinitum without limitations.


Virtual Client Compatible

Access can be limited to configured and audited virtual clients within our virtual network.