Why PWAs are the Future of LMS

Progressive Web Apps offer a fully cross platform learning experience

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are becoming an increasingly important part of today’s online learning management eco-system.

With more and more of us opting for remote learning, particularly since the pandemic, providers are searching for ways to make the experience for students as full and rounded as possible.

With easier access and a greater number of tools to choose from, PWAs are set to change training management systems in ways we couldn’t have imagined 10 years ago. Whether you are a business looking to train your staff or an educator building your classes online, there are now some very powerful tools available online that can make a huge difference.

What is a Progressive Web App?

You may have noticed that when you search online with your mobile phone that many of the websites you visit are starting to look a lot like apps. They have the same design and a host of different configurations that allow you to interact in new and exciting ways.

Web apps have all the properties you would expect from a traditional app, including the ability to send push notifications (something which can boost engagement considerably). The only difference is you don’t find them in an app store but online.

PWAs are set to change training management systems in ways we couldn’t have imagined 10 years ago

_With no dowloads or clients you can access it anywhere in the world, at any time and on any device while getting the same experience whether you’re on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer _

The Benefits of PWAs for Course Management Systems

In short, a PWA combines the power of both the phone app and web to deliver more for users than on their own. Over the last decade or so, a vast community around the globe has developed millions of plugins and other software tools for websites. In addition, cloud services have meant that users can access online from anywhere in the world rather than downloading space-consuming software.

Apps themselves can be difficult to manage and deploying to online stores can be quite the headache for developers and businesses. There are rules and regulations to follow in each outlet and there is less freedom to develop content than online.

With a progressive web app, you get all the functionality and much more than you would expect from a dedicated app – it looks the same and delivers the goods but is accessed via the internet rather than a store.

That means businesses that develop course management systems can keep much greater control over their product, update on-demand and widen their scope without jumping through any hoops.

From a business point of view, a progressive web app can make a huge difference. For a start, it should improve retention. Rather than having to go to a store and download the app where it then sits on the tablet or phone desktop, customers have immediate access to the content and can start using it almost immediately.

According to this Medium article by Gabor Cselle, every step of onboarding with a traditional app costs about 20% of users and that includes heading to the app store and downloading in the first place.

Of course, one of the problems with traditional apps is that they tend to crash more often and the user then has to either reinstall, update the software or call customer service for help. There’s no such problem with PWAs and that’s important for a learning management system where reliability and retention go hand in hand in building customer trust.

For students, learning with a PWA doesn’t mean you have to download an app. You can access it anywhere in the world, at any time and on any device. Because it’s web-based you get the same experience whether you’re on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.


How Nesos Can Help

Creating an online learning management system that delivers for your students needs to be, at its heart, both functional and intuitive. At Nesos, our PWA allows you to set up and drive your e-learning provision from the moment you open an account. It gives you the ability to upload content easily, manage subscriptions and create a customised storefront for your teaching.

Functionality like a secure integrated virtual classroom (Meetis), which allow you to engage directly with your students in many different ways, help build connections and engagement wherever they are located. In addition, with a single page application, everything is streamlined and accessible for both students and teachers.

Nesos works on any operating platform and is accessed entirely through your browser using the cloud so you don’t have to download any software or worry about updating.

If you want to manage your remote learning with state of the art, easy to use technology, find out more about Nesos today.