Cybertech EU 2022

Nesos Showcases Its Security Features

Cybertech Eu 2022

The Cybertech Europe conference and exhibition featured the latest innovative solutions from dozens of companies and top-notch speakers including senior government officials, C-level executives, and industry trailblazers from Europe and around the world at the centro La Nuvola in Rome.

Through our partnership and friendship with Geos Enterprise we were lucky enough to be invited to showcase Nesos alongside their other products on their stand. It was a great opportunity to not only tell the world about what we think is an exciting product we've developed, but also an opportunity to understand the industry's concerns with regards to security and whether our product can satisfy the strictest of standards.

Nesos' security features have allowed us to stand out from the crowd, especially with larger enterprises with security and secrecy concerns

This experience has left us more confident than ever that our product is solid, secure and can be adapted to any circumstance and any size enterprise

We’re happy to report that our flexibility and modularity in terms of both software constitution and IT infrastructure compatibility has impressed and we’ve been able to give satisfactory answers to all questions we were asked whether they were coming from industry professionals, executives or engineers.

If you are in the market for a learning management system that ensures your privacy and that allows you to create a learning and videoconferencing ecosystem safe from prying eyes, Nesos provides you with all the features you need.

On top of that the ability to deploy it on premise allows you to maintain full control over your IT infrastructure, control access to the application and the databases.


We were invited by our partners at Geos Enterprise to showcase Nesos as a secure videoconferencing and training systems for large corporations, universities and privacy/secrecy concerned companies.

We've been able to stand out thanks to our secure infrastructure that guarantees the privacy and secrecy of important or sensitive communications.

The moder tech stack also impressed and the ability to seamlessly integrate into existing It infrastructure without the need to involve IT beyond the first installation has garnered positive feedback from the more technical audience.

Overall it was an amazing experience that has allowed us to test our product and designs with a more worldly crowd and leaves us with even more confidence in the uniqueness and the solidity of Nesos.