Our Expertise.

Nesos e-learning software is lovingly handcrafted by a team of 2 expert software engineers, one with research and academia experience and the other based in the private sector working with FTSE 100 companies. And it’s this varied experience that kick-started the development of Nesos LMS.


What we brought to Nesos is what we do best so we know it is state of the art software.


With both academic and industry qualifications we can prove that we are competent and trustworthy, you don't have to just take our word for it.


We made Nesos from scratch over the years and we are heavily invested in its success.

Our journey

For years, we were on the receiving end of LMS training at university and professionally. And something always rang a bit hollow with each training management system we used. Popular e-learning software was missing something and the current tools often needed add-on products like external video conferencing to work as a cohesive LMS. So, 4 years ago we set out to create a truly complete course management solution without external downloads.

More than just e-learning software, our LMS would be the total package. Live, in-person, recorded and virtual courses join e-commerce tech for an all-in-one training management system out of the box. With Nesos LMS, we created a way for users to make, manage, deliver, sell, analyse and promote their courses. Plus, everything you need is already built into our training management system. No more extra logins or separate downloads. All your storage and video conferencing needs are handled natively in the course management solution across all devices for cloud-based or on-premise LMS deployments.

As such, Nesos is a course management system made by people who use them a lot. We have designed our app to give you everything you love about an LMS without any of the headaches. And we’re committed to keeping our training management system easy to use. We’re not reinventing the wheel when it comes to course creation. If you’ve used the big players before, you’ll be a natural with Nesos LMS. What we have done is put everything you’re going to need all in one training management system. Now, do it all from ideation to publication without downloading or logging into any other system.

Who it’s for

Nesos e-learning software is for everyone. Private educators, fitness coaches, private schools, higher educational institutions or companies that have to deliver external and internal training; all can benefit from our smart, inclusive and no-frills e-learning software application. We know you’ll take to this LMS instantly, but if you do need support, we’re standing by .

Why us?

We treat our clients and learners like we want to be treated. We value your time and won’t offer you anything in our course management solution that you don’t need to deliver great training.

Privacy in its Core

Own and secure your data so you can have your privacy and guarantee the same to your customers.


We will make products that help people learn.


Transparency and your data ownership matter.


Our software is intuitive so you stay in control


We’ll only put the necessities in and leave the frills out.


We’re never done improving our LMS.


No external apps are needed with our e-learning software.

Feature Rich

We're always adding new features to make Nesos your one-stop shop software for all your needs.

Don’t take our word for it

Come see what other clients have to say about Nesos LMS as an all-in-one course management solution.