Online Course Management Software

The Nesos Ecosystem allows you to manage every aspect of an e-learning experience in one single platform. Create, Schedule, Sell, Deliver and Analyse your Courses with ease in our online course management software.

Business Analytics

Our order management system will allow you to keep track of your orders and your customers' activity on the store while our voucher and discount system will create a plethora of ways to promote your courses and reward your customers.

Nesos Course Management

Nesos will allow you to manage each and every aspect of your online courses, from the structure to the material, the instructors and moderators, the rooms and of course your students.

Nesos Storefront

Nesos offers a fully customizable storefront with custom categories and layout that will help you showcase your courses to the world.

Nesos User Management

All of Nesos is accessible with one single account which allows you to manage your users all in one place, making it easier to track and support your clientele.


Meetis has been designed from the ground up for teachers and their students. With easy file sharing and annotations, classroom notes, student management and breakout rooms.


An Integrated emailing system allows you to send secure and personalized emails directly from inside the system. Invoices and notifications all managed centrally without having to worry about any external platforms.

Nesos Secured Payments

We have partnered with Stripe to provide a secure world class payment gateway to our customers.

Nesos connects you to your students.

Lessons can be recorded and stored to be used at a later date, as a way to catch up for student that missed a lesson, or as material for a new video course.

Modern. Faster. Safer.

Nesos is built on a modern technological stack backed by Microsoft and Google, offering the most modern UX without sacrificing performance or compromising the security of our lms application software.

Single Page Application

Say goodbye to page loads while navigating, say hello to desktop like performance on the web. Make working more pleasurable for your staff and offer your customers a cutting edge modern user experience.

Cloud Born

Make your IT department redundant with Nesos. Nesos is hosted on the Cloud and managed completely remotely by us. No on premise servers required, no worrying about updates and upgrades or deployment. Let us worry about maintenance so you can focus on what matters: your business.

Uncompromising Security

SSL Secure access, database encryption, Stripe secure payments, role based access, server level firewall and Azure Front Door managed access are only a few of the many security features that make Nesos the best way to reduce your stress and sleep soundly.

Cloud Based LMS Solution

Take your business on the road! Nesos supports everywhere learning and makes it a breeze to work from anywhere with its easy to use, fully responsive interface.

Built in HTML5 for Ultimate Compatibility

Nesos' modern interface was built mobile-first and can be accessed from any device with a modern browser. Whether you work from a laptop, desktop, phone or table, Nesos will work for you.

Platform Agnostic

Nesos can be deployed and accessed from any operating system, be it Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS or Android. No need to get IT involved

Iphone interface example

Completely Responsive Design

The same, full fledged experience no matter the screen size. Nesos' UI is a fully responsive SPA (Single Page Application), which brings traditional desktop-like performance to your mobile.

No Downloads Required

Nesos works entirely in your browser. No need to download apps, install plugins or any third party software. When we say only one account needed, We mean it!

Online Classes made Easy with Meetis

Meetis Logo

Meetis is our online learning environment. Unlike most other video conferencing software, Meetis has been designed from the ground up for teachers and their students.

Integrated Whiteboard

Annotate any uploaded material live to better convey your points. Share your whiteboard with your students for a collaborative learning experience.

Users' Management

Manage exactly how your user behave and interact with you and each other in your classroom. Choose whether they can share their webcam and microphone, access notes and chat for a conducive learning experience.

Easy Quizzes

Quick and easy quizzes with preset settings and custom options to maintain student engagement hight throughout the lesson.

Screen and Video Share

Share videos from the internet with you holding the remote allowing everybody to watch the material in sync. Share your screen, an app or even just a tab from your computer with your students.

Breakout Rooms

Split your class into groups, randomly or arbitrarily with set duration. Foster independent learning by letting your student workout problems amongst each other while you supervise.


Write to your whole class or privately with each individual student freely.

ipad interface example

Our Current Implementations of the Nesos LMS Software

See what are wonderful clients are making with our lms solution: Nesos.

Percorsi Per Tutti

What Clients Say about our Course Management System Software

Pick the best plan for you

No matter where you are in your business journey, we have a plan for you.

All plans include a free subdomain, custom domain and branding, data encryption, backups, SSL security and fraud protection.


£ 250/pcm

  • 100 Users
  • 10 Admin Users
  • 10 Virtual Classroom Seats
  • 1 Virtual Classroom
  • 500 GB Storage
  • 10% Flat Transaction Fee
  • 500 Emails/pcm
  • £250 Startup Cost
  • No Minimum Contract Length
  • Access to Guides and Forums
  • Basic Analytics
Get Your Business Going

£ 1500/pcm

  • 5000 Users
  • 100 Admin Users
  • 200 Virtual Classroom Seats
  • Unlimited Virtual Classroom
  • 5000 GB Storage
  • 5% Flat Transaction Fee
  • Unlimited Emails
  • £1500 Startup Cost
  • 3 Years Minimum Contract
  • Full Support
  • Advanced Analytics
The Complete Package

£ 800/pcm

  • 1000 Users
  • 25 Admin Users
  • 50 Virtual Classroom Seats
  • 20 Virtual Classroom
  • 1000 GB Storage
  • 7% Flat Transaction Fee
  • 2000 Emails/pcm
  • £500 Startup Cost
  • 1 Years Minimum Contract
  • Starter + Direct Support
  • Comprehensive Analytics

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